We believe in the success of our Partners through collaboration in innovative chemistry. We know how to combine economic success with environmental protection, just as in agrochemistry of proliposomes can be used to improve the effectiveness of systemic biocides.

What do we offer?

Innovative proliposomal formulations containing fungicidal and herbicidal active substances with systemic action, both for synthetic compounds and substances of natural origin.

At Syvento Bioprotect we respond to an established market demand for an alternative to synthetic pesticides. By observing the increased pressure to reduce the use of plant protection products in agriculture, Syvento BioProtect provides innovative solutions that reduce the negative impacts of plant protection products on the environment.


Our formulations have been comprehensively tested in accordance with the latest guidelines that plant protection products must meet in order to pass the registration process and to be safe for use by farmers and also for subsequent consumers of agricultural products.

Our application studies have allowed us to reliably and thoroughly check that the proposed proliposome platform and the applied active substances lead to the desired results, i.e. the development of products compliant with the objectives of the European Union’s agricultural policy outlined in the Farm to Fork Strategy presented by the European Commission.

Why proliposomal formulations?

SyVento Bioprotect’s proliposomes are a ground-breaking alternative to both synthetic pesticides and standard liposomal solutions.

Key advantages of proliposomes as carriers of active substances

Reduced dosage of active substance.

Limited toxicity.

Increased biological effectiveness.

Enhanced penetration and absorption of the active substance into the plant.

Prolonged release, which translates into a longer duration of action.

Reduced pathogen resistance.


Advantages of proliposomes over standard liposome formulations

Increased stability.

No restriction on active ingredient concentration.

Ease of use and preparation.

Allows both hydrophobic and hydrophilic active ingredient to be encapsulated while maintaining safe storage and minimising the risk of product freezing.

Possibility of obtaining a concentrated product which, when diluted, gives a finished formulation.

We have unique technologies and capabilities represented by SyVento Bioprotect’s R&D team to develop innovative solutions for your business. One of the key projects we are working on is the liposome encapsulation of difenoconazole.

The results of our studies have shown very high encapsulation efficiencies of active substances in liposomes after hydration of the proliposome formulation. High active ingredient encapsulation efficiencies will translate into better penetration of the plant protection product into the leaf, and thus more effective activity.

Our results indicate a much more efficient penetration of the active substance encapsulated in liposomes compared to the conventional form of this substance available on the market. Such results may indicate much better penetration of proliposome formulations, which may thus translate into a reduction in the concentrations/doses of plant protection products used under field conditions.

Fungistatic efficacy study comparing a proliposomal formulation with difenoconazole (SyVento Bioprotect formulation) against the commercial product Tores 250 EC (field test results):


The SyVento Bioprotect formulation has demonstrated 2.5 times higher efficacy than the commercial product for a liposome sample at the same concentration as the commercial product.

Evaluation of the fungistatic effect


SyVento Bioprotect formulation has shown to be 2 times more effective than the commercial product for a liposome sample at 2 times lower concentrations than the commercial product.

Evaluation of the fungistatic effect

In addition, the SyVento Bioprotect formulation has been shown to last longer than the commercial product Tores 250 EC, thus increasing its effectiveness.

SyVento Bioprotect offers the development of a 100% biodegradable proliposome formulation with substances of natural origin.

The use of a proliposome platform for substances of natural origin will allow for the enhancement of their biological activity by:

  • increased solubility
  • prolonged release
  • increased penetration into the leaf

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